_______________________ ALBUM CREDITS _______________________

_______________________ALBUM CREDITS_______________________

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Manono EP


The eponymous EP you’re looking at is the band’s first try to take you away with their music. This is also hidden as a message behind the name of the band, as Manono is actually a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Overall vibe of the presented music is groovy and vivid with some extremely catchy vocal lines. MANONO is a conceptual set of tracks. It starts with the idea of not getting stuck in the daily routine: “Yes!” Can You Dig It is a celebration of YOU in the present time. The choir effect in the refrain represents the power of awareness. Where Are the Humans deals with Instagram and being disconnected to the real world. Especially in that funky-Jamiroquai-inspired part of the song, one can really get into the feeling of being lost due to the online communication mess. What Do I Mean, Pad Thai and Speechless are on the love team. They show aspects of different types of relationships, and in doing so the vocal gets more affectionate, the instruments softer and slower. Relationships are hard, whether they are at the beginning, at the very end or impossible to define. Don’t miss out on the sexy melodic What Do I Mean ending, reggae break in Pad Thai or the clapping hands and combination of three voices in Speechless’ “La, la, la, la” part. The bonus track Penguin Dance is the funkiest of them all. Lovers of Red Hot Chili Peppers will savour its ‘slap the bass’ break. This upbeat dance track concludes the MANONO EP with a positive thought – sooner or later you will be able to look back at your past with humour, even if you don’t understand it right now. The Penguin Dance title isn’t metaphoric; it goes together with an actual dance. Join it and enjoy!